218 Old Routes, New Migrations: South­-North Mobility of EU Citizens in Times of Crisis

Thursday, July 9, 2015: 4:00 PM-5:45 PM
S07 (13 rue de l'Université)
In the deteriorating socio-economic environment emerged after the financial crunch of 2008, EU citizens have used EU mobility rights as a resilience strategy in response to the crisis.  This panel  focuses on migration of EU citizens from South European EU to North European EU countries – a topic that has not yet been systematically studied. The panel brings together papers that are comparative in nature and examine two crucial issues. Firstly, the papers  identify the scale and nature of these new flows and describe processes of the social and labour market integration of new migrants in receiving countries. Secondly, the papers look at politics and policies both from the perspective of the sending and the receiving nations. More specifically, the authors will explore new policy initiatives aimed at restricting and/or encouraging the mobility of Southern European citizens in the specific institutional context of the European Union. This session  brings together some of the authors of the forthcoming edited book Old Routes, New Migrations: South­North Mobility of EU Citizens in Times of Crisis to be published within series by Springer in  2015 under open access agreement as part of the IMISCOE research series.. This session brings the opportunity to present the findings of our collective work and to engage the audience in discussing the challenges and opportunities posed by this new migration.
Mikolaj Stanek , Roxana Barbulescu and Jean-Michel Lafleur
Mikolaj Stanek and Roxana Barbulescu
Discussant :
Irial Glynn
Immobility in Times of Crisis: The Case of Greece
Michalis Moutselos, Princeton University; Georgia Mavrodi, European University Institute
Structural Emigration: The Revival of Portuguese Outflows
José Carlos Marques, Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (IPLeiria); Pedro Gois, University of Coimbra
New Immigration and Emigration Flows and Policies in Spain
Elisa Brey, CEDEM University of Liege; Anastasia Bermudez, CEDEM University of Liege
Southern European Migrants in Belgium: From “Heroes” to “Welfare Shoppers”
Mikolaj Stanek, Centro de Estudos Sociais - University of Coimbra; Jean-Michel Lafleur, CEDEM University of Liege
A New Source of Labour for Low Skilled Sectors? Young Southern Europeans in the UK
Eleonore Kofman, Middlesex University; Alessio D'Angelo, Middlesex University
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