Transforming the European Union's Image

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Gilbert Scott Building - Room 134 (University of Glasgow)
Malgorzata Winiarska-Brodowska , Institute of Journalism, Media and Communication, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
The paper aims to investigate promotion of the European Union. On the one hand, displaying promotion connected with Europe's involvement in international cooperation and sustainable development as well as in popularization of European values - especially the core value of peace and those relating to the third-generation human rights. On the other hand, showing how the EU is encouraging approaches that engage citizens to participate in the process of European integration and creation of the EU / Europe brand.
Theoretical framework of the study refers to literature on collaborative governance and branding, participatory branding in particular. The paper presents outcomes of the qualitative analysis of different forms of the EU's promotional activities implemented so far. It also provides an overview of practices from the promotional field which can be harnessed for the EU goals. Enhancing the EU's image is vital for European integration process, both in terms of deepening the relations with citizens as well as improving the EU's reputation and strengthening the EU's role in the international arena.