Multi-Level Governance in Action: The Competence Allocation Preferences of Regional élites

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Anatomy - Large LT (University of Glasgow)
Michaël Tatham , Political Science, University of Bergen
Michael W. Bauer , Political Science, German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer
Multi-level governance has been driven by the dispersion of competence across multiple layers of government. In the European context, this has been particularly marked due to ongoing decentralisation and supranationalisation processes. Central governments have played a critical role in this process by devolving powers downwards to their regions and upwards to European institutions. European institutions have often sought to deepen the integration process by encouraging heads of state/governments to further disperse powers upwards. While central governments and European institution have regularly increased the multi-levelness of the European polity, regional players have not been passive in the process. Whilst some regional actors have been asking for further competences others have been content with the status quo. The paper investigates this question thanks to data derived from a survey of regional élites in Europe.