The Construction of an Online Story : The European Migrant Crisis

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Carnegie Room (University of Glasgow)
Axel Boursier , LDI laboratory, University of Cergy-Pontoise
The migrant crisis has become an European event because of the story told by journalists. Further analysis of Ricoeur who designs the event as a fact recited and reconfigured in this very act, our purpose will be to analyze the act of configuring the migration crisis in the LEMEL French corpus.

The media coverage of this european crisis has given rise to different frames in the news media: economic stories, political, humanitarian,.. . Inspired by the methodology proposed by Paul Ricoeur (1983, 1987, 1992) and Marc Lits (2007, 208), I will  study the specificity of these treatments in the online media. Indeed, by the emergence of new techniques of narrative line (hypertextualisation and the use iconographic documents) we can see the emergence of new uses narrative in order to construct a particular European storytelling.

The study of these new narrative procedures put us in front of the emergence of a new way to tell Europe. And these new stories of Europe force us to deal with new European appropriations. So we will ask the question of the specificity of online stories ?

Do the European story is an unified story or is it a polyphonic one ? What are the stakes of an online story? Which kind of appropriations is given by this specific construction of Europe?

  • The migrant crisis online configuration-A.B.docx (375.5 kB)