Religion, Migration, and Gender in 21st-Century Germany

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Melville Room (University of Glasgow)
Barbara Becker-Cantarino , Germanic Languages and Literatures, Ohio State University
Religion, Migration, and Gender in 21st-Century Germany.

Migrations of individuals and groups influenced by religion have occurred throughout history. Religion is a major issue in the im/migration debate in “post-secular” Germany (and Europe) today, although the obituary for religion in modern societies has been written many times, religious organizations and religious fellowship in ethnic churches with its familiar linguistic and cultural content are still important for today’s migrants. They have also led to major clashes and controversies in the present gender debates in Germany (and the EU). The paper looks at the intersection of religion and gender in the writings of anthropologist Necla Kelek and the lawyer Seyran Ates and the controversies they have encountered in Germany, especially in the Muslim community.