What Is to be Sustained, What Transformed?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
JWS - Room J15 (J375) (University of Glasgow)
David L. Swartz , Sociology, Boston University
Sustainability and transformation of European institutions, political economies, political parties, social solidarites, social movements, integration, and values have been enduring concerns of Europeanists.  These scholars have produced an impressive body of research examining both the positive and negative aspects of these developments.  But how do Europeanists think about strategically communicating their findings to various publics?   Do Europeanists communicate their findings and recommendations to academic peers, via social movements, through established institutions, to the mass media, etc. Or all of these an more?  How do these scholars measure the effectiveness of communicating their findings to the relevant audiences?  In short, how do they think and address the age old scholarship and politics question?  
This paper will report findings from a series of interviews with numerous Europeanists (members of the Council of European Studies or the most part) on this question.  These findings will hopefully enhance awareness of those scholarly strategies most likely to be effective public influences as well as those that are less successful.
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