Provenance and Due Diligence in the Art Trade: The Role of Databases

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Turnbull Room (University of Glasgow)
Christa Roodt , University of Glasgow
Improving the levels of compliance with minimum standards of due diligence has always posed challenges for the art trade and the business of acquisition of objects of cultural, artistic, historical, scientific and spiritual worth. Numerous inventories, lists and databases for stolen and looted art exist at the national, international, community and project-level. Evidence-based databases built on case studies are also becoming more prevalent. This presentation takes a fresh look at the context in which such databases are expected to function, highlighting the demands which the notion of a global and interconnected platform for legal circulation of cultural objects makes on not only the systems, the methodology and the hosting centers, but also on how information about objects and their provenance is presented to users.