Art, Climate, and the Space in between

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Turnbull Room (University of Glasgow)
Melissa Fleming , Independent Artist
Throughout history, every age has had its own unique outlook on the connection between nature and culture. Today, we live in an epoch of human caused climate change – widely dubbed as the anthropocene - and our long familiar relationship with the environment is shifting.

This has created a landscape of vulnerability around the globe and artists have taken notice. This is important, because art helps make complex issues - like climate change - more visible and allows society to look at and to understand the world in new ways. This type of awareness is vital if we, as a society, are to change our behavior and adapt to a new environment.

Building on my previous interdisciplinary art-science projects, this talk will explore how artists from around the world - working in a variety of mediums - have been reacting to the various impacts of climate change and its possible solutions. As a basis for discussion, it will also briefly look at how science has been a muse to the arts in the past. Moreover, moving from the qualitative to the quantitative, it will highlight some recent metrics that show art to be a powerful tool of communication that helps to broaden the public conversation on climate change.

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