109 Parties and Voters in the Wake of European Democratization

Thursday, July 13, 2017: 9:00 AM-10:45 AM
Anatomy - Large LT (University of Glasgow)
This panel engages with the various channels through which parties and candidates appealed to their electorates in the wake of European democratization. Applying sub-national designs, the papers consider women’s electoral participation at the time of suffrage in Spain; strategic mobilization of the newly enfranchised groups in Sweden; development of campaign appeals to voters in the United Kingdom; partisan strategies to attract masses of alienated voters who might oppose the new regime in Germany; and efforts by parties to preserve political power after the extension of the suffrage in Norway.
Desmond King
Volha Charnysh and Carissa Leanne Tudor
Women and Electoral Participation in the Wake of Democratization
Carles Boix, Princeton University; Francesc Amat, IPEG-Barcelona; Jordi Muñoz, Universitat de Barcelona; Toni Rodon, London School of Economics
Shaping Competition: Allies’ Party Licensing and the Evolution of Support for the Extreme Right in Germany
Grigore Pop-Eleches, Princeton University; Giovanni Capoccia, University of Oxford
Electoral Mobilization and the Rise of the Swedish Social Democrats
Mona Morgan-Collins, University of Pennsylvania; Grace Natusch, London School of Economics
Parties, Legislators, and the Origins of Proportional Representation
Gary W. Cox, Stanford University; Jon H. Fiva, Norwegian Business School; Daniel Smith, Harvard University
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