294 Intergenerational Transmission in Times of Economic Transformation

Friday, July 14, 2017: 4:00 PM-5:45 PM
Gilbert Scott Building - G466 (University of Glasgow)
European labour markets have undergone a tremendous transformation in recent years, accelerated by the economic crisis and the resulting high levels of unemployment, particularly among youth. Due to the challenges to find employment, it has become more difficult for young adults to attain their career goals than it was for their parents. Moreover, becoming economically self-sufficient and thus independent from one’s parents has proven to be challenging for the current young generation. At the same time, the family environment is seen as crucial for children’s future educational and employment outcomes. Against this backdrop, the panel is interested in the transmission of work-related values and attitudes, as well as the cultural and social capital that is passed from parents to their children. Are the values and attitudes of young adults still congruent with those of their parents despite societal and economic changes or have these values and attitudes significantly transformed over time? To what extent is cultural and social capital transmitted across generations? Finally, how are these potential transmission processes shaped by political institutions? Or do we find evidence that the political and societal environment itself is being transformed by these processes of intergenerational transmission? The panel aims at addressing these questions from different angles, bringing together researchers from different disciplines, using a variety of methods.
Monika Muehlboeck
The Gender Aspects of Inter-Generational Transmission of Work Values - to Whom to Look up to?
Julia Rita Warmuth, University of Vienna; Monika Muehlboeck, University of Vienna; Bernhard Kittel, University of Vienna
Does the Experience of Intergenerational Mobility Have Political Consequences? Evidence from the Cupesse Survey
Bettina Schuck, Heidelberg University; Jennifer Shore, Heidelberg University
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