301 Sustainable Accountability in the EU: Challenges and New Approaches

Friday, July 14, 2017: 4:00 PM-5:45 PM
Gilbert Scott Building - Room 253 (University of Glasgow)
The panel explores new challenges for sustainable accountability and new approaches to assessing it in the EU multilevel system. Several institutions have been established over the past decades that are supposed to contribute to EU accountability, e.g. the European Court of Auditors and the European Ombudsman. In parallel, developments such as the reactions to the financial crisis since 2008 have led to new challenges and accountability arrangements. Control of the EU budget and administration has become the focus of increased scholarly attention. This panel brings together a number of scholars that represent a new research perspective on the changing financial accountability in the EU. The panel aims to contribute to a further understanding of the dynamics of financial accountability in the European Union. The panel is organised in cooperation with the research network on Financial Accountability in the EU (EUFINACCO, https://eufinacco.wordpress.com/).
Hartmut Aden
Discussant :
Paul J Stephenson
Indexing Accountability Power: Assessing the Accountability Capacity of Two EU Watchdogs
Mark Bovens, Utrecht University; Anchrit Wille, Leiden University
Value for Money? Financial Accountability of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)
Aneta Spendzharova, Maastricht University; David Howarth, University of Edinburgh
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