020 The Political Presence of Diversity

Wednesday, July 12, 2017: 9:00 AM-10:45 AM
Gilbert Scott Building - Room 253 (University of Glasgow)
It is now widely acknowledged that formerly excluded groups such as women and immigrant minorities should have a political voice and presence in civil society and in political bodies. And yet, equal representation is rare in much of Europe. While we have made progress in monitoring the level and development of representation, more work is needed to understand questions like the preconditions of political presence (in the statistical and the substantive sense), the forms it may take (e.g. as ethnic group lobbyism or as diversity advocacy), and the interactions between constituents and representatives. At a time when many group loyalties are weakening, and gaps between voters and representatives seem to be widening, we need to reconsider the prevailing assumptions about “majority” and “minority” politics.
Karen Schönwälder
Discussant :
Anja van Heelsum
Explaining Voters Preferences for Migrant Parties in the Dutch Elections of 2017
Eelco Harteveld, University of Amsterdam; Anja van Heelsum, University of Amsterdam; Aad van der Veen, University of Amsterdam; Floris Vermeulen, University of Amsterdam
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