130 Author Meets Critics. Brexit: Sociological Responses, edited by William Outhwaite.

Thursday, July 13, 2017: 11:00 AM-12:45 PM
WMB - Gannochy Seminar Room 3 (University of Glasgow)
As well noted by George Ross, Sociology came late to the EU studies party. But amidst crisis and potential disintegration, and a growing awareness of a chasm between ideals of European Union and the political dynamics of European populations, sociology and social theory is surely needed to supplement the work of political scientists, lawyers and others analysing euroscepticism, the democratic deficit, the end of the permissive consensus, and the rise of populism. Commissioned by Chris Rojek at the new Anthem Press, William Outhwaite's collection of essays offers sharp and immediate responses to Brexit from a range of leading sociologists and social theorists. The book aims to trace the implications of the UK’s projected withdrawal from the EU, locating short-term political fluctuations in a broader historical and social context of the transformation of European and global society. It provides a forum for leading Eurosociologists (broadly defined), working inside and outside the UK itself, to rethink their analyses of the European project and its prospects, as well as to reflect on the likely implications for the UK. The Author-Meets-Critics panel matches the editor and one of the contributors (Adrian Favell) to three political sociologists/sociological political scientists (Didier Georgakakis, Juan Diez Medrano, Virginie Guiraudon) who have each pioneered work in the new sociology of the EU. They will reflect upon the insights and omissions of the volume, as well as the interdisciplinary challenges faced by the social sciences as it come to terms with the crisis, sustainability and transformation of the EU.
Adrian Favell
Virginie Guiraudon , Juan Díez Medrano , Didier Georgakakis , Adrian Favell , William Outhwaite and Ben Rosamond
Brexit: Sociological Responses. Edited By William Outhwaite
William Outhwaite, University of Newcastle
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