052 The Popularization of Space

Wednesday, July 12, 2017: 12:45 PM-2:00 PM
Carnegie Room (University of Glasgow)
The panel means to address the link between the public and space, in order to highlight how space policy affects our daily life and how the public perception of space is changing, with a special focus on the development of the Space Policy in the European Union. 

Given that Space Policy has recently become a shared competence of the Union, thanks to the Lisbon treaty, it is still at an early stage and has a great potential in terms of contribution for a further European integration.

In particular, the panel will have the following focal points: Europe's contribution to the popularisation of space, space popularization in films, books, media and, specifically, social media, in schools and, finally, through space tourism.

Thomas Hoerber, from ESSCA EU-Asia Institute, author of several publications on space policy, will chair the panel.


Thomas Christian Hoerber
Harald Köpping Athanasopoulos and Thomas Christian Hoerber
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