061 European Economic Decision-Making and Gender Politics: Quota’s on Corporate Boards in the European Union and North Western Europe

Wednesday, July 12, 2017: 2:00 PM-3:45 PM
Gilbert Scott Building - Room 656A (University of Glasgow)
Although gender equality issues may seem to have dropped down in the priority list of the European Union, the question of the place of women in economic decision-making has never gone away. Economic decision-making remains a masculine turf, despite years of activism. Commissioner Vivian Redding’s proposal to impose a quota on the composition of corporate boards of directors was the only radical deed in gender issues in her term. Yet all around her national actors were also pressuring for hard measures to improve the gender balance in corporate decision-making. More than a third of  European countries ranging from Norway to Italy now have extensive experience with the new kinds of quota’s in economic decision-making. This panel intends to explore the lessons of quota regulations in national politics and their echoes in economic decision-making. It departs from the experiences of North Western Europe but also looks at the transnational movement to transform gender diversity in corporate decision making; The analysis occurs against a background of experience with quota’s in national electoral politics, and considers the implications of backlash and resistance among economic actors.
Alison E. Woodward
Colette (to be confirmed) Fagan and Sylvia (invited) Walby
Civil Society Activism for European Women on Boards
Alison E. Woodward, Institute for European Studies
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