138 Populism and Xenophobia of the Left

Thursday, July 13, 2017: 11:00 AM-12:45 PM
Humanities LT G255 (University of Glasgow)
With a range of innovative methodologies, the papers on this panel by sociologists and political scientists address the new European populism that appeals to those on the left who hold anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim attitudes.  The papers identify who on the left is xenophobic and Islamophobic, and the use of anti-immigrant appeals as well as class conflict discourse by left-wing parties.  Left populism uses inclusive more than nationalist party discourse, potentially embracing even the socioeconomically excluded groups who identify with the left or support income redistribution, while opposing immigration from outside Europe and welfare benefits for those who do arrive.  Left parties face a “progressive dilemma” in which two values – solidarity and diversity – collide, alienating some of their once loyal supporters who are vulnerable to right populist appeals.  The panel will discuss the challenges of populism for the left and the rise of a populism of the left.
Hilary Silver
Discussant :
Mabel Berezin
Liberal Values and Anti-Religious Sentiments
Marc Helbling, University of Bamberg
Left-Wing Xenophobia in Europe
Svenja Kopyciok, Brown University; Hilary Silver, Brown University
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