192 IntraEuropean Mobilities in a Changing Political Scenario: New Flows, New Migrants, New Issues II

Thursday, July 13, 2017: 4:00 PM-5:45 PM
JWS - Stevenson Lecture Theatre (University of Glasgow)
Over the past few decades, and especially since the irruption of the economic crisis in 2008, migration movements
within Europe have increased and diversified. On the one hand, migration patterns now include a variety of mobilities
along the SouthNorth
and EastWest
axes, including permanent and temporary flows, as well as different types of
onward, circular and return movements. Migrants also represent an increasingly diverse group, according to their different
characteristics, migrant statuses and motivations for their migration. Finally, the consequences of these new mobilities
have grown in complexity, both at the macro and micro levels, especially in the current context of increased hostility
towards all types of migration. We aim to cover some of these themes by focusing specifically on the following issues:
of SouthNorth
migration flows within Europe as a result of the economic crisis;
of naturalized migrants migrating within the EU;
mobilities in the current political context;
economic and political rights of intraEU
migrants in the current context, and their contestation;
integration processes in the cases of onward, multiple, circular and return migration movements within Europe.
The aims are two: to create new knowledge about the evolution of migration movements within Europe, and in particular
in the EU, and how these are being dealt with; and to contribute to the more general academic and theoretical debates on
the increasing complexity of mobility patterns internationally. The panel is divided in two sessions and adopts a
multidisciplinary approach.
Anastasia Bermudez
Brexit before Brexit: The Impact on EU Mobilities to the UK
Alessio D'Angelo, Middlesex University; Eleonore Kofman, Middlesex University
Migration to and from a Developed EU Country. New Trends and Modes of Portuguese Emigration to France and the UK
Pedro Gois, University of Coimbra; José Carlos Marques, Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences (IPLeiria)
Aspirations of Belonging. a Study of Romanians in London and Paris
Claudia Paraschivescu, University of Leeds
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