068 Reviewing intersections between European health care and social change

Wednesday, July 12, 2017: 2:00 PM-3:45 PM
Gilbert Scott Building - Room 134 (University of Glasgow)
Shifts in the social understanding of sexual difference from biological binaries to complex gender dynamics are global in scope as well as diverse in intensity and impact (Walby 2004). As summed up by Sen (2001), ‘gender inequality is not one homogeneous phenomenon, but a collection of disparate and inter-linked problems’ that ‘is not everywhere the same’. This acknowledges that the effects of gender transformation exceed easily measurable and public realms of civil participation and professional (Gerson 2008) or educational attainment (Breen et al. 2010). It also references the heterogeneity of such a profound social change. Responding to these themes, this panel examines disruptions and opportunities in European approaches to the gendering of health care through various institutional engagements. Contributors examine changes to policies and processes that impact the dissemination of critical health knowledge and access to critical care for key patient groups. We consider the unparalleled potential for gender-sensitive approaches to care provision to not only materially improve the wellbeing of current populations but also to foster regional sustainability long term.
Shelley Grant
Heteronormativity in Health Policy: The Social (Re)Construction of the Lesbian Mother
Sarah Cooper, University of Exeter; Claire A Dunlop, University of Exeter
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