213 The Evolution of Policy Issues in Comparative Perspective

Analyzing the Evolution of Policy Agendas in Europe and North America
Thursday, June 27, 2013: 11:00 AM-12:45 PM
2.21 (Binnengasthuis)
Shorttracked by LOC, Montesquieu Institute

This panel focuses on the dynamics of political attention and on how rising and falling attention plays a part in the evolution of policy issues – the way they are defined and how they are related to other issues that are part of the same process of competition for attention. Research shows that periods of stability on the political agenda are interrupted by shifts. What policy topics are most sensitive to such shifts? How do linkages play a part? Policy problems move and evolve, but they are not a perpetuum mobile. Participants in this panel present and discuss the process of issue evolution within and across institutional venues, the impact of information capacity (and bottlenecks) within these venues, and their more or less formal jurisdictions relevant to addressing problems. Policy domains may differ in these respect, but as issues travel or are addressed simultaneously, also cross-national differences play apart. These institutional factors are related to actor strategies for expanding or narrowing down the scope of concern.

Frank R Baumgartner
Gerard Breeman
Cohabiting on the European Council's Agenda: Expounding the Evolution of Issue Linkages
Petya Alexandrova, Montesquieu Institute and Leiden University
A Party Competition Theory of Governing Party Agendas: Evidence from the U.S. and U.K.
Will Jennings, University of Southampton; Jane Green, University of Manchester