108 Europe by Design – Panel 1: New Communication Technologies and the Construction of EU Spheres of Interaction

Europe by Design
Thursday, July 9, 2015: 9:00 AM-10:45 AM
S10 (13 rue de l'Université)
The aim of the panel is to shed light on the consequences that the diffusion of new communication technologies are having on the EU architecture and on European spheres of interaction. Based on the assumption that the increasing diffusion of the Internet represents an enabling condition essential to the development of open government policies, De Blasio and Selva examine the European Commission’s Digital Agenda. They identify different models of open data implementation according to specific barriers and drivers. De Chiara will investigate how open data might help assess the European Cohesion policy by exploring some open data initiatives, above the open EU-spending. In particular, she will consider the role of the follow-the-money campaigns conducted by the open data movement in order to improve the demand for transparency and accountability on the EU level. Papadopoulou will look at the processes through which a transnational public sphere is being constructed. Here emphasis will be on the effects of the new communication technologies on the shaping of new political discourses. Bebiæ and Vuèkoviæ examine identity formation process taking place on the European plane, focusing on the Croatian citizens. The fifth paper briefly resumes the debate between representative and participatory democracy at the EU level. It then moves on to examine different democratic practices and how they can be facilitated through the advent of ubiquitous government (uGovernment) technology. The final paper considers how specific forms of cooperation might undermine the possibility to intervene by institutions including the European Commission and European Parliament.
Matthew D'Auria
Discussant :
Michele Sorice
European Council Immigration and Security Policies. a Threat to Rights and Liberties?
Yasha MacCanico, University of Bristol; Tony Bunyan, Statewatch
European Public Sphere and e-Participation in the Middle of an Economic and Political Crisis
Dora Papadopoulou, Forschungsinstitut für Philosophie Hannover
Open Data in the European Context: A Comparative Analysis of Policy Implementation
Emiliana de Blasio, LUISS - Rome; Donatella Selva, LUISS - Rome
The Value of Open Data for European Cohesion
Francesca De Chiara, Fondazione Bruno Kessler; Luigi Reggi, Italian Ministry of Economic Development, Department for Development and Economic Cohesion; Maurizio Napolitano, Digital Commons Lab, Fondazione Bruno Kessler; Paola Liliana Buttiglione, Independent Researcher
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