073 The International Politics of Secession

Wednesday, July 12, 2017: 2:00 PM-3:45 PM
Gilbert Scott Building - G466 (University of Glasgow)
The International Politics of Secession

Several referenda on independence have been held in in the last decade. From Montenegro to Scotland, nations have tried to secede peacefully from their host states with varying degrees of success. Movements seeking further autonomy have also had mixed luck throughout Europe. But what accounts for their success? Is domestic support more (or less) important than the international context? Nationalist leaders often argue that their nations have a moral right to further autonomy or even secession. This domestic argument of legitimacy often works in mobilising the support base but neglects the international dimension, which seems crucial to movements who want to join a ‘society of states’. This panel will explore how international geopolitics influences the progress of national movements for territorial autonomy and/or secession in Europe.

Nick Brooke
Discussant :
Nick Brooke
Should the EU Have a Policy on Independence Referenda?
Aleksandar Pavković, Macquarie University, Sydney
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