102 Security Challenges in the EU's South-Eastern Neighbourhood

Challenges and Perspectives for the EU after Brexit
Thursday, July 13, 2017: 9:00 AM-10:45 AM
John McIntyre - Teaching Room 208 (University of Glasgow)
This panel analyses the external security challenges the EU faces in its South-Eastern Neighbourhood. The panel focuses on the developments in the Eastern and South-Eastern periphery of the EU, which has witnessed Russia emerging as a renewed security threat and the development of a mounting migration challenge as a result of the instability in the Southern neighbourhood following the events of the Arab Spring. The papers analyse how the EU's Central-Eastern European region deals with these challenges and to what extent this has resulted in a new core-periphery divide between the CEE region and German-led EU 'mainstream'.
Discussant :
Christian Schweiger
The Visegrad Defence Cooperation
Anna Molnar, Faculty of International and European Studies,; Zoltán Szenes, National University of Public Service Budapest
Talking About Ukraine: Ukraine in the EU Parliamentary Discourse Before, During and After Euromaidan
Marie-Eve Bélanger, Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva/ Center for comparative and International Studies, ETH Zurich