052 Integration in Crisis? The Common European Asylum System at the Crossroads

Wednesday, March 28, 2018: 4:00 PM-5:45 PM
Streeterville East (InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile)
The refugee “crisis” and its aftermath have reaffirmed doubts regarding governments’ and policymakers’ capacity to design and implement successful immigration policies. If anything, the events appear to have deepened already existing divisions within and across European societies. Using an interdisciplinary perspective incorporating insights from law, political science, and sociology, this panel aims to discuss this “crisis” as a watershed moment for both EU solidarity and social integration. More specifically, analysing the burden-sharing between the EU and its Members States as well as between Member States in the context of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS), we ask: what is the impact of the refugee “crisis” (or crises in general) on EU solidarity on the one hand, and the integration of the beneficiaries of international protection on the other hand?

Our analysis focuses on the three stages of the political process: policy-making, adoption and implementation. What are the consequences of the refugee "crisis” on the elaboration of the CEAS and the harmonisation of asylum policy among EU Member States? How has this “crisis” influenced the way national asylum authorities implement the CEAS and the way asylum application are assessed? Is the current EU asylum legal framework suitable to foster solidarity while also ensuring the inclusion of beneficiaries of international protection? Is it in compliance with the Refugee Convention and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights? Is the interpretation of the principle of equal treatment given by the EU Court of Justice convincing regarding the aim of integration of migrants and solidarity?

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