049 Agenda-Setting and Policy Change in the European Union

Analyzing the Evolution of Policy Agendas in Europe and North America
Tuesday, June 25, 2013: 2:00 PM-3:45 PM
D1.18B (Oudemanhuispoort)
This panel has been shorttracked by LOC, Montesquieu Institute, as part of the mini-symposium "Analyzing the Evolution of Policy Agendas in Europe and North America".

Studies of agenda-setting in the EU have focused primarily on the arrival of new issues on the EU agenda. The central question in this type of study is how and why the EU takes up new issues and thereby increases its remit. Much less attention has been paid to policy change around issues that are already part of the EU agenda (with the notable exception of reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, which has spawned a rich literature). As the EU has become active in an increasingly wide range of issue areas, questions of policy change have arguably become increasingly important as well. This panel aims to bring together a set of papers that focus on policy change in the EU: under what conditions policy change is likely to take place and what are the dynamics of policy change in the EU. By inviting scholars who take different theoretical and methodological approaches and work on different (types of) issues, the panel seeks to add to the existing stock of studies on EU policy change, and to stimulate cross-fertilization between different approaches and issue areas.

Sebastiaan Princen
Marcello Carammia
The CAP after 2013: A Break from the Past or More of the Same?
Robert Ackrill, Nottingham Trent University; Adrian Kay, Australian National University
The Deaf Leading the Blind? Public Opinion and European Union Policy
Christine Arnold, Maastricht University; Mark Franklin, European University Institute; Christopher Wlezien, Temple University
Paradigm Change in EU Policy-Making: The Case of the Stability and Growth Pact
Sebastiaan Princen, Utrecht University; F. A. W. J. Van Esch, Utrecht University